(From left to right) Jonathan Wade, Esther Fernández, Jason Yancey, and Jared White.

(From left to right) Jonathan Wade, Esther Fernández, Jason Yancey, and Jared White.


Jason Yancey

JASON YANCEY, is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Grand Valley State University, specializing in Theater and Early Modern Spain. His teaching regularly blends language, literature, culture, performance, and outreach. Since 2010 he has taught a puppetry course where advanced students in Spanish learn to read and analyze children’s literature while they write and produce original puppet shows in Spanish, culminating in several weeks of performances for local Spanish immersion elementary schools. He is a recipient of GVSU’s Pew Excellence in Teaching Award (2015), with nearly 20 years of experience building and performing with puppets for diverse audiences in the United States and Mexico.


Esther Fernández

ESTHER FERNÁNDEZ is an Assistant Professor at Rice University. She is the author of Eros en escena: erotismo en el teatro del Siglo de Oro (Juan de la Cuesta, 2009) and co-editor of Diálogos en las tablas: Últimas tendencias de la puesta en escena del teatro clásico español (Reichenberger, 2014) and El teatro clásico en su(s) cultura(s): De los Siglos de Oro al siglo XXI (Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 2017). Dr. Fernández’s research interests have principally attended to eroticism and the Spanish comedia; visual and material culture; and performance analysis of classical theater’s most contemporary adaptations. Her most current research deals with animated props in ceremonial and theatrical contexts, where material representations of religious and ‘non-religious’ worlds took place in pre-modern Iberia and their contemporary legacies.


Jared White

JARED WHITE is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. His research interests consistently focus on Spanish theater, although he considers dramatic texts from multiple temporal periods--spanning the medieval era through contemporary forms. He performed as an actor in BYU's 2005 productions of El caballero de Olmedo and Las cortes de la muerte, as well as BYU's 2007 full-length play, El narciso en su opinión. Jared has years of experience teaching and sharing Spanish theater to diverse audiences, from elementary-age children to university students.


Jonathan Wade

JONATHAN WADE is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Meredith College where he teaches a variety of courses on language, literature, and culture. His scholarly work focuses on early modern Spanish and Portuguese literature, with particular emphasis on the comedia, Don Quixote and Cervantes, and Iberian Studies (1580-1640) . Since the early 2000s, when he participated in a series of Spanish Golden Age theater performance classes at Brigham Young University, theater has been a constant part of his learning and teaching. He is the author of Being Portuguese in Spanish: Re-imagining Early Modern Iberian Literature (1580-1640) (Purdue University Press, 2020).


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Puppet Theater (2010-present). performances by Jason Yancey’s SPANISH 380 and SPANISH 350 students at grand Valley State University (Michigan).

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